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Things to be fixed in Somerville May 2023

With the great announcement that the State Government will be spending $930K on upgrading the Pedestrian Crossings and lighting at the Roundabout, here is our ongoing list of "Things to be fixed in Somerville".

Please note that, where possible, this list is for Capital Works rather than Repairs and Maintenance. Some issues relate to ongoing matters that, on social media, people are sick and tired of not getting fixed. We don't aim to fix/ build everything, but aim to bring all these matters to our elected representatives attention as soon as possible. Apologies if we have pinched anyone's ideas, but it is all about Somerville!!!

If there is something that you would like to add to the list please email

1. The Roundabout in Somerville -Paul Mercurio -Roads Minister supplied letter stating $930K for Pedestrian Crossings - SBG preparing further submissions.

2. Skate Park Bollards - MPSC - Email to Council (possibly going in circles looking for someone to act) - Photos sent to Kate Roper and attached below.

3. Right hand turn outside Aldi - Vic Roads - To be followed up.

4. Handrail on Eramosa Road East b/w Pizza Shop & Optometrist - Spoke to Kate Roper 12/04. Photos sent and attached below. MPSC - 12 metres of railing, to be followed up.

5. Tidiness around railway line and down to Primary School - Need to Snap Send Solve where appropriate.

6. Street Lighting in public areas of Somerville - United Energy - Need locations and input from SBG & others.

7. Speed humps in Simcock Street - similar to Speedwell St - Spoke to Kate Roper - maybe costly - to be followed up - MPSC.

8. Footpaths in the industrial area - MPSC - Negative response from Council in 2022 - very dangerous (broken ankle territory).

9. Pedestrian crossing on Eramosa Road East further up from Woolworths Petrol - MPSC - Review with Baxter-Somerville Bike Trail.

10. Cracks and general condition of pavements - MPSC - Trip hazard for pedestrians and difficult for disabled in wheelchairs/scooters. Patchwork quilt similar to Hastings (now upgraded).

11. Pedestrian crossing on MPSC roads at roundabout (Grant Rd/Eramosa Rd W) - MPSC - $930K to be spent by State Government in 2023.

12. Trees/ Bushes obscuring shops in Eramosa Rd East etc - MPSC - Ongoing - Kate Roper will follow up.

13. Remove Builders Fence around Mechanics Hall - MPSC - Not sure why it is there - Kate Roper to follow up.

14. Revegetate Somerville Roundabout as half is missing - MPSC - Kate Roper to follow up

15. Light at the top of the Somerville Soldiers Memorial - MPSC - Many tried, many failed, added to the list to remind everyone - Kate Roper to get to the bottom of it.

16. Inconsistent Speed Limits - MPSC/ SG - Need for a review by State and Local Governments throughout Somerville.

17. Parking in Eramosa Road East by local employees - MPSC - Need for businesses to ensure their staff use the Ritchies and Aldi Carparks where appropriate.

18. Somerville Avenue of Honour - MPSC - Kate Roper looking into it and protecting existing trees as well as new ones.

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