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Things to be fixed in Somerville - June 2024.

We started our list back in 2021 and continue to update it as the community brings things to our attention and members and the group works through things that can make Somerville a better place to Shop, Work, Invest and Play for all relevant stakeholders.

It is great to note that in April, May and June 2024 the following projects have been finalized-:

  • Pedestrian Crossing upgrades at the Somerville Roundabout with raised crossings and better lighting. A small step in the right direction (State Government).

  • The light at the top of the War Memorial at the Fruitgrowers Reserve, after some 8 long years (MPSC).

  • Removal of the builders fence around the Mechanics Hall and finalization of the rectification works (MPSC). Great to see.

  • Revegetation of the Somerville Roundabout after a car went through it and took the plants out last year (MPSC). These things take time.

  • The reduction of the speed limit along Grants Road near Tait Timber. This issue is part of a wider request to review all speed limits in Somerville to gain some uniformity in the limits.

As a group we are not naïve enough to think that SBG alone have fixed these things. By keeping this list going it is a reminder to our Federal, State and Local elected representatives that things need to be fixed in Somerville.

The larger Major Items on our list relate to aspirational items that as a Group, we believe, will benefit the Town Centre of Somerville. A better Town Centre will lead to more people driving to Somerville, stopping in Somerville and shopping in Somerville, which will lead to better outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Somerville Business Group Inc adopts a "macro" approach that things need to be fixed to attract consumers to our commercial and industrial precincts. It is then up to the individual businesses to make sure they position themselves to attract as many consumers as possible.

The Group has business people that have helped other local businesses in setting up, running and at times closing their business. These people are prepared to help out at anytime. Feel free to reach out through the email below.

If you have anything that you would like to see fixed or need help, please email us at

Things to be fixed in Somerville June 2024
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