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Somerville it as simple as this?

We have written to Zoe McKenzie, Paul Mercurio and Kate Roper previously regarding the Somerville Roundabout.

We thank them very much for their ongoing support of this project. Zoe has a petition on her website, Paul has been bringing this up in Parliament and Kate is battling against the other councillors at MPSC.

Recently Zoe McKenzie's office provided us with copies of drone shots taken of the roundabout.

If you refer to the photo above we have simply drawn straight lines in blue which shows that Eramosa Road West and East line up in a straight line. The only land that needs to be added is the southern section between Frankston-Flinders Road and Station Street, which we believe is available according to the former Railway Station Master at Somerville, Lindsay Jacgung. We then ask for the installation of Traffic Lights where we have marked "Lights".

The second photo (below) is a photo taken on the corner marked in the first photo "Photo Point". This photo shows that if you stand at this point, the two roads West and East line up in a straight line. Potentially the roads don't need to be realigned.

As someone commented earlier, "looking at this puts it very simply".

Further to this if Eramosa Road West was duplicated from Paul Mercurio's office to the railway line that would complete the duplication that goes back along Eramosa Road West to Graf Road. Photo 3 shows how the road is duplicated in front of the two shopping centres, but is not on the Somerville Hotel/ Church section towards the railway line. Photo 4 shows the road reserve as part of Somerville Hotel opposite the church.

Once again, we thank Zoe, Paul and Kate for their support of this project, we believe that if we as a community provide them with as much feedback, information and evidence as possible one day we may be able to make this intersection as safe as possible for our community and a safer place for the people of Somerville to live, work and play.



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