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Great News...Pedestrian access for Somerville Roundabout to be improved at a cost of $930K.

Today we received notification from Zoe McKenzie's office that following written representations by Somerville Business Group, that the State Government "has invested $930,000 for safety improvements at this intersection, and the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) is delivering the following key elements designed to slow traffic and create a safer road environment:

• New raised pedestrian crossing across Frankston-Flinders Road (southern leg) replacing the existing school crossing and associated public lighting upgrade.

• New raised pedestrian crossing across Eramosa Road East and associated public lighting upgrade.

• New raised pedestrian crossing across Grant Road including new public lighting, amber flashing lights and pedestrian fencing.

• New raised pavement treatment across Frankston-Flinders Road (northern leg) and pedestrian fencing. This component is subject to further analysis and may be removed from the scope if it is deemed there will be unacceptable outcomes for the movement of larger vehicles like trucks and buses.

Construction is expected to commence in 2023". The letter was signed by Hon.Melissa Horne MP, Minister for Roads and Road Safety dated 11/04/2023.

This is a great win for the town and the many years of advocating that all of the people of Somerville have been involved with.

Whilst the above only refers to pedestrian accessibility, Somerville Business Group will move forward to looking at realigning Eramosa Road West and removal of the roundabout and possible installation of traffic lights. This will still take a number of years, but is worth pursuing!!!

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