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Cyber Bullying & Harassment

This is the text of our post to members on Facebook on 6th July, 2023-:

"Just a note to all members to be cautious in your social media and email posts. One of our rules is not to criticise others and remember that business owners have a higher level of standards when using social media, email, the public and with each other. Why do we have a higher standard? Anything that a business owner does reflects directly on their business, whether it be retail, wholesale, industrial or working from home. Negative posts or emails or interactions with others reflect poorly on that person and may affect the goodwill of their business.

What we want is to make Somerville a better place to live work and play.

If you feel pressured, bullied or harassed please let us know."

The same still applies in the lead up to Christmas, tempers get frayed and people under pressure make poor decisions, we all do it.

However if you feel that you or your business is being pressured, bullied, harassed or defamed, here are some useful links to help you through these times-: which takes you through what constitutes Cyberbullying.

Further remedies are available if you wish to report these matters to the Police-:

Online abuse may be through:

  • posts

  • comments

  • texts and online messages

  • livestreams

  • memes

  • images

  • videos

  • and emails.

The best way to resolve these matters would be-:

- Amicably

- Through the Police and Esafety

- Through a Solicitor where defamation occurs.

In the lead up to Christmas it is hoped that everyone remains respectful and show that Somerville is a great place to live, work and play.

Be careful BEFORE you press send!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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