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SBG - what have we been doing in the last 12 months?

With the new financial year behind us, we reflect on what Somerville Business Group has been busy doing for the Somerville Business Community in helping to make Somerville a better place to live, work and play-:

- Advocated to all levels of Government with regard to the Somerville Roundabout. The State Government wrote to us and indicated that there would be an upgrade of $930 000 to the lighting and pedestrian crossings. Works to commence soon.

- Further advocacy to Paul Mercurio (State MP) and Councillor Kate Roper regarding realignment of Eramosa Road West and installation of traffic lights at the Somerville Roundabout.

- NBN rollout - successfully fought for the rollout to include Somerville residential and industrial areas.

- Mobile phone coverage - met with Zoe McKenzie (Federal MP) and David Coleman (Shadow Minister for Telecommunications) with regard to poor mobile phone coverage, particularly in the eastern side of Somerville.

- Santa comes to Somerville in its second year was a great success with Santa visiting all of the retail shopping precincts on a sunny December Saturday morning.

- Hastings seat Candidates Forum held in November 2022.

- Watson Ward Candidates Forum held in March 2023.

- Reinstallation of the Somerville Roundabout directional sign after 9 months with Vic Roads.

- Advocated to the owners of Somerville Plaza for the installation of a mobility scooter crossing in the car park leading to Eramosa Road East.

- Advocated to the owners of Somerville Plaza regarding the need to maintain and beautify the Plaza.

- Contacted Melbourne Water to tidy up the drain between Somerville Plaza and Somerville Central, the weeds were overgrown and rubbish was removed.

Somerville Roundabout looking east towards Eramosa Road East and possible re-alignment.

- Rattling cages and keeping our politicians honest with things like "What needs to be fixed in Somerville".

- Bringing groups together for the good of Somerville. A team effort is required.

- Helping small businesses when asked. SBG contains a number of leading business people who are able to offer their services to help problem solve within your business.

- Kept people of informed of Council services, including the Drift Festival to Eramosa Road East and Somerville Plaza and the recent follow up on the "Dial a bus service".

- Updates on Banking in Somerville following the loss of the Commonwealth Bank.

- Updates on the Ritchies site and what options maybe available for the Eramosa Road East shopping precinct.

- Continued advocation to Council regarding the Somerville Township Structure Plan

- Members attended a number of Council meetings and advocated on behalf of Somerville where appropriate.

With membership fees up for renewal we ask all our Members to re-join for the 2024 financial year, so that we can continue to fight, advocate and facilitate on your behalf.

Attached is our Membership Application Form, if you are a Somerville based business and would like to join please fill out and return to

We need you, the business people, to tell us what you would like us to do on your behalf!!!

Join now and get involved in your local group!!



SBG - Membership application Form 22-02-22 to 30-06-23 (V2.3)
Download PDF • 150KB

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