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Ritchies site what's next?

With Ritchies now gone from our Somerville landscape what companies should we contact to consider leasing the former General store site located at 2 Eramosa Road East, Somerville?

At our recent SBG meeting Aled Roberts undertook to follow up with Henry’s

Mercato to establish their level of interest in the Ritchies site. A number of

posts had been recorded on social media suggesting them as a potential tenant.

New member, Chris Capponi of Mortgage Choice, provided contact details for

Desmond Hopwood, one of the owners.

We had a good conversation as follows:

 Des confirmed he was aware the site was available and that they had

considered it; but

 They are unlikely to proceed for the primary reason that the location, as a

stand-alone store, is not consistent with their strategy of co-locating with

other stores (eg Bentons Square, Bayside Mall etc); and

 The current economic environment and difficulties in getting staff are also

not conducive to opening a new store.


Where to next in finding a tenant for this important Somerville building – your


What would make it attractive to a potential tenant in the current economic


What retail stores/other services do we need in Somerville that could make for

a good business investment?

Somerville Business Group will contact anyone that you may think fits the bill in opening in Somerville, please let us know your thoughts.

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